Even More Bookish Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

When I was searching for bookish gifts to include I found so many wonderful ideas that I decided to do a second post if the first one was successful.  You can check out the gifts I included by clicking this link.   As the post was fairly popular and received positive feedback I decided to go ahead and create another.

Anything from Litograph


Price: Various

You really need to visit the website to appreciate how fantastic these products are.  You can purchase pillows, scarves, T-shirts and tote bags which are beautifully made from the text of an entire book, used to create a pictorial representation.

Pride and Prejudice Editions Cuff


Price – £15.00

A unique gift which is available in other book designs is stunning and contains pictures of different covers of the same title.  A must for the reader who loves book covers.

A Book On One Page


Price – £34.95

Brighten up any room with these beautiful posters containing a full book on one page.  Choose form a variety of books and designs to suit.


Book Cover Light


Price: £49.99

I know I included a lamp on the previous post but this one is very different and so cool that it couldn’t be ignored.  Inspired by the covers of Penguin Classics, it’s the perfect bedside light to read by.


Romeo And Juliete Brooch


Price: £10.00

Handmade, this beautiful brooch containing text from actual book pages of the most famous love story is a beautiful gift for any Shakespeare fan.  It is water-resistant and each one will be different, depending on the pages used.  Also available in other books.


Reading Journals



Prices ranging from £6.95 to £26.99 (from this particular site)

A fabulous gift idea for adults and children alike to keep track of all the books that they have read, and to note their thoughts and feelings about them.  A great reflective tool for children and adults alike.  This one may be a winner especially with book bloggers.


Alice in Wonderland Pencil Set


Price – £18.00

Completely personalised,  these pencils are made from certified wood from sustainable forests.  Each pencil contains a different quote and the box can personalised to your needs.  Available for other books too.

Shakespeare Watch With Quote


Price – £45.00

A gift for fans of Shakespeare, this watch is splash-proof and has a rotating quote –  “O time, thou must untangle this, it is too hard a knot for me t’untie!”  which moves around the face every minute.  It also comes in a silver presentation tin.

Tote Bags



Price – From £10.00

With the fight against plastic beginning to impact, what better way to show support than by using a canvas bag? Available in a variety of designs, these beautifully illustrated bags make a great stocking filler for a book lover.


Macbeth Bracelet


Price – £30.00

Hand crafted and containing text from a vintage copy of Macbeth, this beautiful bracelet comes containing other works of fiction too.


I hope that this second gift guide has offered you some inspiration when shopping for the bookworm in your life.  I know any of these gifts would bring a smile to my face.




  1. The items from Litograph are gorgeous. I’ve wanted a few items from there for ages. Thanks for reminding me to add them to my Christmas gift list 😉 A book on a page is a really neat concept!

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  2. OMG!!! I love the book on one page! I have been debating what pieces of art to put up in my home office and that will be perfect for my book-loving self! Plus, it will go wonderfully with my framed dictionary page from an antique dictionary. #GlobalBlogging

    Liked by 1 person

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