The Liars Wife by Samantha Hayes Book Review

Thank you to #netgalley and #Bookouture for an ARC copy of The Liar’s wife in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.



Ella Sinclair lives a reclusive and predictable life; wake, work, sleep.  She keeps herself to herself and tries hard to keep her head down and her life people free.

That is until the day that Ella wakes in hospital after an accident to be told that her husband, Jacob, has been visiting.  Confusing to Ella because she’s never been married!

After a lengthy stay in hospital, Jacob takes Ella home to begin their new life together, leaving Ella with limited choices.  Escape is not an option because he knows something from her past that would devastate her whole world.



This book had me hooked from the beginning.  To begin with, there are the many clues about Ella’s past and why she has become so  aloof and alone.  Then there’s the unexpected appearance of a ‘husband’ that we know does not exist, a person from Ella’s past who has something over her, enough to make her play along with his cruel and wicked game of happy families.

The character of Jacob was written in such a way that my skin crawled every time he was there.  Occasionally I would become frustrated with Ella, willing her to shout out or tell some one what was happening.

I spent the reading time sitting with a huge pit of fear in my stomach, always wondering what was going to happen next.  each chapter unravelled a new element to the story.  The flashback chapters provided glimpses into Ella’s life before and the people in it.  The present scenes became more and more intense as the book went on with each appearance of Jacob becoming more sinister and monstrous as the previous one.

Each chapter build tension until it ends a twisted crescendo of fear and panic.

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it to any thriller/suspense lovers.




  1. Hi there. Love this review… even if the book synopsis seems creepy af.
    I can easily imagine the skin crawling experience so right now I am putting it on my list of books to buy when I get money again – I don’t know why I would pay to get scared but Hey – not the only one doing it😉

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  2. The ending wasn’t properly explained. All thru the book she refers to Harry as Jacob to herself. She would easily recognize her own brother. It was great till the end. Never explained Jacob. Never explained if she recognized Harry. Didn’t tell Liam about her crazy brother if she did recognize him. She had me till the end. Like a chapter was missing. I can’t believe no one else has the same questions.

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    • It was years ago but I’m sure it was indicated she knew who it was but never alluded to as it was busy telling the story of her ‘romantic’ relationship . I don’t think it was meant to be that she didn’t recognise her brother, the identity just wasn’t revealed to the reader and we were led down a path of believing it was the boyfriend rather than her brother.
      I guessed the twist to be fair so it must have given off that impression somewhere.


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