Love You Gone by Rona Halsall – Book Review

Published 15th November 2018



I’ve tried to give information without any spoilers – any more plot reveal and it’s likely I would be giving things away.

Mel and Luke are about to embark on a weekend away in the Lakes with their two children.  Things have been tough in their relationship and they have hopes of repairing some damage while enjoying the fresh outdoors and a relaxing break to rekindle their love and passion from the early days.  As Mel is working over the weekend, Luke and the children travel to the cottage on Friday, Mel arrives late on Sunday evening to find evidence that her family were there, but no family!  And so it begins; the search for her beloved husband and children.  But things aren’t always what they seem.  Have the family become lost on walk, hurt or victims to something more sinister?



I love a good twist and I love it even more when they just keep on coming.  This book satisfies that need.

The story is told in two narratives; Mel and Luke and switches between them at exactly the right moment to keep you hanging, but when you need to know what the other one is up to.  Initially, we see Luke’s perspective as he travels somewhere with his children and from the outset, you can feel there’s something sinister going on – you just don’t know what or why.

Halsall writes in such a way that makes you unsure what to believe from each character.  It makes you question your own thinking and keeps you changing your mind throughout most of the book.

A fast paced, heart stopping narrative takes you through a tangled web of deceit, lies, family matters, and much worse that all slowly and cleverly unravel throughout the book, bring the story to an explosive and unsuspected conclusion.


This book is a must if you are fans of Clare Mackintosh and C.L. Taylor or suspense novels.




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