Man In Red – Review of the children’s book by Tom Story

MIR page 1


Once upon a midnight dreary, a young girl spies a red suited man creeping around stealing from underneath the tree. A year passes by and the little girl waits to confront this mysterious, thieving man. Confrontation ensues along with some pie throwing and the little girl finds herself whisked away on a magical journey to learn just exactly what it is this man in red does. Can the little girl’s mind be changed or will she forever dislike and distrust the ‘Man in Red’?


There’s nothing more likely to put me in the festive spirit than a wonderful Christmas story and ‘Man in Red’ by Tom Story really hit the spot. I desperately wanted to share this with my children but I held off….why? because it’s the perfect Christmas Eve read and I want to share it with them for the first time then. This beautifully illustrated, modern, mischievous twist on the classic Christmas story will engage children and adults alike. It will appeal to the child who fully believes or who is questioning the existence of the Man in Red.  Children will adore joining in with the rhyming couplets and I’m sure they’ll go back to this time and time again.


man in red 2


You can purchase Man in Red for the bargain price of £5 from the link below

Also check out Tom’s Storytime website – full of delightful stories to watch and share together.


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