Book Review – Snowflakes at Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett


I loved the Butterfly Cove books, also written by Sarah Bennet and I really enjoyed reading Spring and Summer at lavender Bay so I was excited to receive an ARC copy from #netgalley to review.


Libby Stone has spent her entire life in lavender Bay.  Since her mother passed when she was a teen, Libby has worked alongside her father in their local chip shop whilst secretly nurturing dreams of turning it into a cafe when her father retires.

Owen Coburn is in lavender Bay for two reasons; one is to find some trace of his biological family after years in the foster system. The second is to look for property and building investments to add to his impressive portfolio.

Their first meeting ends in disaster with both characters showing a mutual dislike whilst  harbouring secret feelings about each other. As their lives become more involved through mutual friendships, can they put aside thier insecurities and often foolish pride to make things work?  Especially when an unplanned surprise is thrown in to the mix!


After reading several thrillers recently I was ready for a warm and fuzzy read and this did not disappoint.  I love seasonal novels and this one is perfect for this time of year.  Not too Christmassy until the end but definitely has winter vibes.  Even the beautiful cover makes me want to curl up in my pyjamas with hot chocolate and a quilt to read.

I’m over the moon to see Libby get her turn as the main protagonist as I always felt hers would be the saddest story as she was the most insecure of the girls.  What enabled me to immerse in the story even more was the split point of view between Libby and her love interest Owen (who has made a brief appearance in the previous books).  Usually when reading I take a ride in one characters shoes, to the point of becoming that character, but in this case I was torn between the two of them.  The ending had me snivelling sad tears followed by happy tears too.

I’m sad that the series is coming to an end but I’m also hoping there a new one on the way from Sarah Bennett.

If you are looking for a light, uplifting wintry book then this is one for you.



  1. I haven’t heard of these books, it is a pretty cover isn’t it I can see why you would want to snuggle up and read this. Thanks again for being part of #ABloggingGoodTime

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