Blog Challenge – Which HP character are you? …. #whichHPcharacter

My last Harry Potter post My slight obsession with Harry Potter seemed very popular so I thought I’d do another one with a twist.

Write a short blog explaining which Harry Potter Character you think you are and why.

Please join in at #WhichHPcharacter

Tag me on Twitter in your blogs @cats_herding

Tough choice as I was torn between a few, including Neville but if I was a Harry Potter character I think I would be MRS WEASLEY!

It’s likely that I’ve overthought this but here are my reasons…..

I’m a red head and I think Mrs W and I share a similar body type and dress sense :-). I am also starting to develop that slightly frazzled look and not even care that much.

Although I don’t have the large brood that she does, I’m a mother and I seem to flow easily between three states.  The ‘Mary Poppins’ type mum, the ‘don’t mess with me’ mum and the ‘get away from her you bitch’ mum.

At times I will appear ditzy and random but when I’m being serious and fiocussed I can become quite a force to be reckoned with,  especially where my children are concerned.

I’m looking forward to reading your choices and reasons so don’t forget to tag me.

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